Drain rodding

Drain rodding

Expert Drain Rodding Services for Swift Drain Clearances.

Welcome to Jet Force 1, Your Expert Partner for Drain Rodding and Drainage Services! When it comes to maintaining a smoothly running property, efficient drainage solutions are paramount. Our professional team specialises in drain rodding, ensuring swift and effective solutions for drain clearances and blockages. Whether you’re dealing with routine drain maintenance or require emergency drain services, we have the expertise and equipment to handle it all. Count on us for reliable and affordable drain services, including blocked sewage and drainage issues. Experience hassle-free solutions with Jet Force 1 today!

Expert Drain Rodding and Jetting Services for Optimal Drainage Solutions

Drain rodding is a highly effective method for clearing blockages and maintaining optimal drainage in residential and commercial properties. Utilising sturdy drain rods, our trained technicians navigate through pipes to dislodge debris, grease buildup, and other obstructions that impede proper water flow. This technique is particularly advantageous for tackling localised blockages and is often preferred for its precision and cost-effectiveness. While jetting employs high-pressure water streams to clear larger-scale clogs and clean pipes thoroughly, drain rodding shines in scenarios where pinpoint accuracy is crucial. At Jet Force 1, we excel in both drain rodding and jetting services, ensuring that we are fully equipped and trained to handle any drain blockage or maintenance task efficiently. Trust us for comprehensive drainage solutions tailored to your needs, from routine drain clearances to emergency drain services.

Services we offer

Drain rodding

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Discover the precision of drain rodding! Our trained technicians use sturdy rods to clear blockages and maintain smooth drainage. Perfect for pinpoint accuracy in localised clogs, we offer comprehensive drain services tailored to your needs.

Drain jetting

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Experience the power of drain jetting! Our high-pressure water jetters clear large-scale clogs and thoroughly clean pipes, ensuring optimal drainage. Trust our expert team for comprehensive drain services tailored to your property’s needs.

Drain surveys

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Unlock insights with drain surveys! Our advanced techniques provide detailed assessments of your drainage system, identifying issues before they become major problems.

Drain repairs

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Restore seamless drainage with our expert drain repair services! From minor fixes to major overhauls, our skilled team ensures your system runs smoothly.

Drain rods
Rodding a drain
Drain rodding

Other Services

Blocked Drains

We unblock sinks, toilets and gullies – fast and effectively with high pressure jetting or rodding. No block to big or small.


Drain repairs

Sadly clay pipes won’t last a lifetime and at some point drain relining or replacement will become necessary. Our team can help.


Drain surveys

When you think there is a problem with your drainage system, Jet Force 1 can quickly assess the next steps using a CCTV drain survey.


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